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Our Company

ARO Safety & Risk is an Australian Registered Business, wholly owned by One Minute Systems Pty Ltd.

We are a 100% Australian owned family business.

We are young, dynamic, and always looking for the next challenge. If you would like to make contact with our Company, whether you wish to seek opportunity, provide suggestions, or ask us a question, please use the Contact Us form available here.

Our Philosophy

For too long, companies, managers and agents have been struggling with mountains of paperwork and endless forms.

ARO Safety & Risk was developed to bring an end to this kind of inefficiency.

It is clear to us that managers need a better tool. They need to be able to record their safety and risk data, and keep everything up-to-date as things evolve. They need to be able to share this information as they see fit. They need complete control over their data. And they need to be able to do this from anywhere and at anytime.

ARO provides exactly this functionality. Cloud-based, secure, reliable, flexible.

You'll find ARO a dream to use.